Is This A Water Bug Or A Cockroach In My Riverside County Home?

american cockroach near a book

Homes are rich in food, drink, and warmth sources, which means your place will be very attractive to insects and creatures. You have to combat them with pest control in Riverside County; otherwise, you could have damaged property or poor health. Critters like cockroaches and water bugs can cause a lot of trouble. 

Cockroaches and water bugs are persistent invaders in both clean and messy domiciles. It’s simple for them to sneak through crevices, and they hastily procreate in large numbers. Sometimes, they can live through food shortages and bad weather. Find out how to keep cockroaches away, and water bugs too. Power Pros Pest Control can be a part of that process. We have excellent cockroach control products and treatments for water bugs.

Water Bugs Vs. American Cockroaches: Identification Tips

Water bugs can be up to two inches long. In terms of color, they are tan or black, and as their name indicates, they stay in and around watery zones. They have prickly mouthparts that help them bite and inject an enzyme into their prey. It will be painful if they nibble on you, but not lethal. Their bodies are oval, and many have four legs and short antennas. 

American cockroaches can grow to three inches long. Their round and elongated figures are reddish-brown, and human dwellings are their frequent targets. Lengthy antennas top their heads. 

Signs of an American cockroach infestation are: 

  • Eggs: Shells and eggs are one inch long or smaller and dark in the shade. 
  • Droppings And Fecal Marks: You’ll find droppings with blunt ends in floor corners and drawers. They will also be on door frames and surfaces. 
  • Shed Skin: These bugs peel off their exoskeleton as they reach adulthood. 
  • Odors: Cockroaches release musty communication chemicals and secretions that can change the taste and smell of food.

You have an infestation if you see an American cockroach while the sun is up. These pests are nocturnal.

Five Tips To Prevent American Cockroaches  

Utilizing these five tips can reduce the chances of an American cockroach invasion: 

  1.  Fix What Is Broken: Seal holes in utilities, foundations, windows, and doors. Remedy moisture complications and leaks right away. Make sure that window screens and door sweeps aren't damaged. 
  2. Get To The Greenery: Cut the grass and trim the plants on a routine basis.  
  3. Don’t Be Too Close: Sit wood and greenery at least two feet away from your property. 
  4. Prioritize Neatness: Thoroughly clean the kitchen regularly. You have to wash the dishes, remove the trash, go around appliances, sweep and mop floors, and vacuum any carpeting.   
  5. Be Careful With Food And Waste: Put food and garbage in secure canisters. 

With a bit of effort, you can make your spot less inviting to pests. These steps are how to keep cockroaches away.

How Serious Is This American Cockroach Infestation

Regardless of species, cockroaches can cultivate food-borne pathogens and other conditions, for example, salmonella, gastroenteritis, and viruses. It’s because bacteria sit on their skin, and as you might imagine, it’s in their saliva and waste. Gross particles and microbes from unsanitary settings are bound to be on their legs, with tacky spines. These critters can easily taint your meals and surfaces. Hardships with asthma and allergies may happen due to their dead skin and carcasses.

Cockroach Elimination For Homes And Apartments In Riverside County 

Power Pros Pest Control has eco-friendly treatments for cockroaches that are industrial-grade. Our approaches are safer than retail insecticides and “do it yourself” concoctions, and they are also more affordable and effective. Available independent options for infestations or long-term use weren't made potent enough to remove infestations. Call us today for a free inspection and our top-notch cockroach control products!