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wolf spider up close

There are many species of spiders that inhabit the Riverside Country area. The wolf spider, like many types of spiders, is considered a nuisance spider. More simply put, it does not cause any physical harm to people. Still, seeing a wolf spider in or around the home can be unsettling and frustrating for Riverside County residents.

Characteristics Of A Wolf Spider

There are actually over 2,000 species of wolf spiders worldwide, and about 200 species call the United States home. The most common type of wolf spider in the Riverside County area is sometimes referred to as the California wolf spider. They are usually various shades of brown with pale yellow markings and covered in hair. Due to their size, about an inch in length, they are often mistaken for tarantulas. Their thick, hardy bodies often contribute to this mistake. 

Wolf spiders are extremely adaptable, with the ability to live on cold mountain peaks or dry desert climes. They have eight eyes arranged around their head and a pair of large palps (touching appendages) that rest above their fangs. Most wolf spiders do not spin webs, but instead prefer to remain low to the ground. They are extremely fast for a spider, with the ability to run almost two feet per second. Additionally, they are keen jumpers. Wolf spiders, as their name suggests, are predatory animals that use their quick speed and agility to hunt insects at night. Once they have caught a meal, they either crush and eat their prey or use their venom to liquify the insect’s organs. 

Luckily for humans, wolf spiders are relatively reclusive, preferring a dark hole or large rock. However, since they catch their prey by actively hunting, we do sometimes come across wolf spiders in our lawns or after they've found their way into our homes. When outside, wolf spiders are often found sheltering beneath debris, such as wood and stones. If they do make it inside of the home, the will often be found along baseboards or hiding beneath furniture.

Wolf Spiders Carry Their Young On Their Abdomen

Wolf spiders mate in the spring. It is up to the males to attract a female partner, using a courtship dance. This dance often involves the wolf spider’s palps being swayed or thumped rhythmically. Once the pair have successfully mated, the female wolf spider spins a sac for her eggs and attaches the sac to her abdomen until her offspring are ready to hatch. Once hatched, the young wolf spiders remain on the mother’s back until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

Wolf Spiders Aren't Dangerous

Wolf spiders are not considered dangerous, but are rather classified as nuisance spiders. Wolf spider venom is not poisonous to people; however, it is possible to develop an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is rare, but in these situations a quick check-in with your doctor should ensure that you are fine. Wolf spider venom can pose a risk to small pets and these cases should be handled by a veterinarian right away.

Ways To Eliminate Wolf Spiders In Your Home

Now that you know more about the wolf spider, you may be wondering how they found their way into your home and how to humanely get rid of them. If wolf spiders are in your home, it could be purely accidental, but the more common reason would be an insect infestation that has lured the wolf spider in for a tasty meal. Sealing cracks and ensuring no other insects reside in your home is a great place to start. 

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