What To Do About Earwigs In Riverside County?

a bunch of earwigs in a home

There are lots of pests in Riverside County that cause problems for local homeowners. One pest you may have heard of but don’t know much about is the earwig. These scary-looking insects are found around and sometimes inside homes and can cause a few unique problems. They are also incredibly misunderstood. Today we are going to answer some questions about these pests like what is an earwig? And what attracts earwigs? We will also let you know how to get rid of earwigs if they get indoors. Here is what you need to know.

What Do Earwigs In Riverside County Look Like?

It is normal to wonder what does an earwig look like? Chances are, you have already seen one of these pests but haven’t connected its appearance to the name. An earwig is a dark brown, one-inch-long insect, with a long narrow body, yellow legs, segmented antennae, and a large pincher at its rear. Earwigs live outdoors, usually around gardens and other places where tasty plants grow. During mating season, which occurs during the fall and early winter months, these scary-looking pests lay eggs. Earwig eggs take roughly a week to hatch. Once hatched, earwig larvae go through five stages of development before becoming full-grown adults.

What Attracts Earwigs To Your Riverside County Home?

Earwigs are not indoor pests, or at least they are not as common as many other insects, arachnids, and arthropods in our area. This is because they cannot easily find tasty plants to eat indoors. Keeping this in mind, earwigs in homes are usually a sign of negative conditions outdoors. These pincher-wielding pests need two things to be happy, moisture and shade. If it gets too warm or dry outdoors, they will want to find a better place to live, AKA, your home. 

Five Myths About Earwigs 

Earwigs are among the most misunderstood pests around the world. For centuries, people have surrounded these insects with horrifying rumors and made them out to be more dangerous and problematic than we know them to be today. To help you better understand earwigs, here are five myths and the truths behind each.

Myth 1: Earwigs regularly crawl into ears.

Truth: An earwig has no interest in crawling into your ear and will only do so if they feel it is absolutely necessary for their survival.

Myth 2: Earwigs lay their eggs inside people’s brains.

Truth: Your brain is not a suitable or convenient place for earwig eggs. The underside of damp leaves and other moist secluded areas, however, are great places for earwig eggs. 

Myth 3: Earwigs are venomous.

Truth: Earwigs do not bite or sting and are not venomous. They are also not poisonous and are technically edible, however, we do not recommend you consume these bugs alive or dead.

Myth 4: Earwigs are aggressive.

Truth: An earwig will only use its large pincher to attack if it feels like it is in danger.

Myth 5: Earwigs are hard to control.

Truth: By hiring a pest control professional, you can quickly remove earwigs from your home and gain access to long-lasting protection to keep these pests away in the future.

How To Keep Your Riverside County Home Earwig-Free

At Power Pros Pest Control, we offer home pest control service and commercial pest management services in Riverside to make sure our community doesn’t have to worry about pests like earwigs. With just one visit we will identify where your issue is coming from, put in place a plan to address your pest problem, and implement fast-working and effective treatments to get insects like earwigs and other invaders out of your Riverside County home.

Call us today if you have any unanswered questions about earwigs or if you would like to schedule pest control solutions in Riverside, CA.