The Most Effective Rodent Control Solution For Riverside County Homes

mouse on wood

It’s disappointing to spot rodents scampering around your home when you thought your place was completely rodent-proof. These creatures will do everything they can to get inside your humble abode. 

Thankfully, Power Pros Pest Control provides the most effective pest control in Riverside County to evict rodents from your residence quickly, giving you back that forgotten feeling of comfort and safety. Read on to learn more about rodents in our area and how you can prevent them from moving into your home.

How To Identify Common Types Of Rodents In Riverside County

Riverside County has its fair share of different types of rodents. Some include mice, rats, squirrels, gophers, and voles. Out of this group, mice and rats are the most common rodents that invade the homes and businesses of our residents. The main difference between these two types of rodents is their size. Mice are typically smaller and rounder with a slender frame and floppy ears, while rats are bigger and heavier with a more blunt snout. Both rodents are nocturnal creatures that sleep during the day and forage for food at night. But no matter which critter you encounter, consult with your local pest elimination company for the most effective rodent control.

Rodents Can Spread Disease And Damage Property

Even though rodents may not show aggression towards people, they can still create dangerous conditions for you and your family inside your home. Take a look at some of the hazardous situations below that rodents has been known to cause:

  • They can chew through electrical wiring and potentially spark a house fire.
  • Their urine and feces can make your entire house smell terrible.
  • They can contaminate the food in your pantry and cabinets.
  • They can destroy your furniture, fabrics, and other personal possessions.
  • They can carry and transmit hazardous diseases.

Some diseases rodents can spread include giardia, hantavirus, tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), and leptospirosis. Dried rodent droppings produce airborne particulate matter that your family can inhale and become ill. Therefore, contact professional rodent control for assistance with removing these pests.

How And Why Rodents Find Their Way Into Our Homes

If your home’s foundation contains any small gap, crack, or opening, rest assured rodents will find a way to squeeze through it to access the inside of your home. These critters can also enter through sewer lines or slip through an open window or door when no one is looking. Blame their potent sense of smell for their insatiable desire to invade your house. Those mouthwatering aromas of leftover food wafting through the air attract rodents to your residence like a magnet. Additionally, your home provides a warm and comfortable environment chock-full of soft materials, like fabrics, paper, and fiberglass, for them to build a nest.

Have you heard or seen rodent activity in or around your property? If so, get in touch with Power Pros Pest Control today to schedule an inspection.

The Trick To Stress-Free And Effective Rodent Control

Dealing with a rodent infestation is stressful enough without the pressure of having to resolve it yourself. That’s why you can count on experienced technicians with pest control to get rid of rodents in record time. They understand the behaviors and habits of rodents to tackle the problem with pinpoint precision.

Since 2016, Power Pros Pest Control has been delivering affordable, friendly, and reliable services that have kept our Riverside County residents' homes and businesses consistently pest-free. We put our customers first, offering same-day and emergency services. Our customized treatment plans are tailor-made to meet your specific needs. We can successfully eliminate different types of rodents from your property, so reach out to us today to request your courtesy inspection.