Getting Rid Of Mice In Your Riverside County Home The Right Way

house mouse crawling in a cupboard

Have you been hearing the pitter-patter of mouse feet scurrying behind your walls? When temperatures change outside, different types of mice, such as 

house mice and deer mice will find their way into our climate-controlled homes in search of food, water, and comfortable shelter. 

Riverside County pest control companies understand the threat these pests pose to your family and home. In addition to the multiple diseases mice carry, they pose a severe threat to your house by chewing wires and sparking electrical fires. Mouse pest control is not a DIY job; contacting professionals for any rodent is always best.

Clear Signs Of A Mouse Infestation In Your Home

The following are clear signs of a mouse infestation, so you know what to be on the lookout for:

  • House mice often follow paths through your home; you may spot mouse droppings, greasy rub marks along walls, and footprints on these runways. 
  • Finding packages of food ripped open is a telltale sign that mice have gotten in; cereal and grains are some of their favorites.
  • Keep watch for any gnaw marks in your home; they may be smooth or rough. Mice have teeth that never stop growing, so they constantly need to chew.
  • You may be able to hear the scratching and squeaking of mice in the walls when your home is quiet.
  • Without a doubt, the clearest sign is seeing an actual mouse, which usually indicates a family of them.

Because of the numerous diseases mice carry, you must take precautions when handling mice or anything they may have touched.

Why Having Mice In Your House is Such A Health Risk

Deer mice and house mice threaten the health of your family. Mouse droppings can spread bacteria like salmonella, contaminating food and surfaces. Micro droplets of mouse urine can cause allergies, especially in children. Even inhaling dust that contains dried feces may cause allergies or asthma flare-ups.

There are so many diseases mice carry that can hurt us. Mice are transmitters of more than 200 human pathogens. Handling mice, dead or alive, should be left to professionals as it is a common way to become infected. Throw away any food mice have eaten or touched; they contaminate everything they go near. 

Traps Aren’t Enough To Completely Get Rid Of A Mouse Infestation

Getting rid of mice is not an easy task. Often, people’s first thought regarding mouse pest control is setting a mouse trap. Over-the-counter traps will work to catch a mouse or two. However, it is unlikely to find these prolific breeders in small numbers. Mice reproduce so rapidly that a couple of mice the trap missed can quickly become an infestation.

Mice are clever and will often avoid traps. Correctly placing baits and traps can be challenging to figure out. They also pose a threat to children and pets if not used correctly, so it is best to leave this to the pros. Additionally, traps do nothing to keep mice away; as with most rodents, prevention is your best defense.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

The most effective way to get rid of mice in your home is to contact Power Pros Pest Control at the first signs of a mouse infestation. Our service technicians are skilled at getting rid of mice and can help you learn how to 

keep mice away. Contact us for your free inspection to get mice out of your home and back outside where they belong.