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Rodent Control In Riverside, CA

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Protecting Your Riverside Home From Rodents

When it comes to pests, few are as common or as dangerous as rodents in Riverside. If you talk to anyone in Riverside, they can probably tell you about themselves or someone they know who has dealt with a rodent infestation. That's because rodents can easily gain access to homes through even the smallest of holes, and they often enter houses in search of food, water, or shelter. 

Although allowing rodents entry into your house is a problem in itself, the worst of it comes once they've moved in. Rodents are extremely destructive pests for two major reasons. The first is their constant need to chew. They will gnaw on almost anything they come in contact with, which causes extensive damage to your belongings and your house itself. They can leave your house at risk of water leaks, mold, and even fire if they chew through wiring. The second way rodents damage your home is by leaving urine and feces wherever they go. 

Their waste also contributes to health problems. These furry animals are known to spread several dangerous illnesses, mainly through their feces but also through bites and scratches. Even after removing an infestation, they can continue to cause problems if you haven't cleaned. When their feces dries, particles enter the air that can be breathed in and that cause respiratory illnesses.

If you have seen signs of rodents in your house, you must take action as soon as possible. Stopping an infestation in its earliest stages minimizes the risks to your family and home and is much easier and faster to eliminate than a well-established infestation. Power Pros Pest Control provides rodent control services to protect your house from rodents.

Rodent Control From Power Pros Pest Control


We begin our service by inspecting your entire property. We examine the attic and crawl space and everywhere in between, looking for entry points, signs of rodent activity, and damage caused by rodents. Once we know where rodents are spending their time in your house, how they're getting in, and how large the problem is, we'll develop a rodent control plan to eliminate them.


We use a combination of traps and bait stations to stop your rodent infestation. We lay bait stations around the exterior of your home and place glue boards and snap traps in strategic locations based on the findings of our inspection. We are always extremely careful to place traps out of the reach of children and pets.

Removal Services

Eliminating the rodents in your house is important, but just as important is their safe and quick disposal. We offer disposal services to get rid of the rodents we catch.

Follow Up

We perform follow-up visits as a part of our rodent control services. We want to make sure that your rodent problem is fully taken care of, so we will return to check on your house and make sure it is rodent-free.

Protecting Your Riverside Area Home & Family From Dangerous Rodents

No one wants to find rodents in their house, and there are many reasons why a rodent infestation is one of the worst type of infestations to have. If you think rodents are in your house, contact Power Pros Pest Control. No matter the size of your infestation, we will carefully, quickly, and effectively eliminate pests for you in a way that is safe for your family. Request your free estimate today.

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