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Bed Bug Control In Riverside, CA

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Stop The Bed Bugs From Biting In Your Riverside Home

No one wants bed bugs getting into their home. Just the idea of bugs in your bed is enough to make you feel itchy, but the reality is even worse. Bed bugs easily get into homes by climbing onto clothing or into bags, and once they’re in your house, they’ll quickly begin to grow in number. Because they remain hidden most of the time, it can take a little while to realize that bed bugs have infested your Riverside home, and by the time you find out, they may have spread throughout your house. 

Eliminating bed bug infestations has been notoriously difficult in the past, due largely to bed bugs becoming resistant to the treatments used. Even today, many homeowners turn to DIY treatments that only end up masking the problem, allowing an infestation to return in full force several months later. If bed bugs get into your home, you need the results that can only come from professional bed bug control in Riverside. Power Pros Pest Control provides effective bed bug control services you can rely on.

Bed Bug Control From Power Pros Pest Control


Our service begins with a thorough inspection of your home. We’ll start outside, then move indoors to inspect every nook and cranny. We look at baseboards, in kitchens and bathrooms, under sinks, in wall voids, and more. This detailed inspection helps us determine how large your infestation is and where.


We offer two main treatment options for bed bug control: Our traditional liquid treatment and a heat treatment. Both of these treatment options are available on a room-by-room basis or as a whole house treatment. We do conventional liquid treatments by treating areas in your house with a liquid product. With heat treatments, we heat each room to a certain temperature that bed bugs can’t survive.

In addition to the main treatment method you choose, we also use dust and place traps around your house to get any bed bugs that we may miss during the initial treatment. Mattress encasements are also available upon request. These are installed around your mattress to prevent bed bugs from getting in or out.

Follow Up

Our bed bug control services come with 90 days of follow-up services. We’ll return to your house to reinspect it for bed bugs and will re-treat it if necessary during those 90 days.

Sleep Well With The Help Of Power Pros Pest Control

If bed bugs have moved into your house and are feasting on your family members each night, it’s time to stop them. Power Pros Pest Control offers the bed bug control services you need to fully eliminate the problem and help you get back to having a restful night of sleep. To learn more or to request your free estimate, contact us today.

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